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Mitochondrial Event Localiser (MEL)

The mitochondrial event localiser (MEL) is a freely available, ImageJ plugin that is used to describe mitochondrial time-lapse micrographs that are Z-stacked. In this way MEL is able to describe fission, fusion and depolarisation events that occur in the image stack and report the dynamic changes to the mitochondrial network over time. Although fission, fusion and depolarisation assessment is already available, we are aiming to create a comprehensive package that adds to MEL as a means of further describing the mitochondrial morphology changes that occur over time and in 3D.*

*Please note that this link will be updated soon :)  


Correlative light electron microscopy (CLEM) makes use of overlaying fluorescence microscopy  images with high-resolution electron microscopy  images. This powerful tool enables us to physically and molecularly study interactions 

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