NRG in India

23-26 Oct 2019

NRG presented a bio-imaging workshop, 'Embracing Industrial Revolution 4.0 - Bio-imaging Trends and Application in Life Sciences' in India, JSS Science and Technology University, Mysuru. We presented the latest techniques in cell imaging, data analysis and machine learning, AND instructed in hands-on practicals on data analysis and machine learning. Dr André du Toit, Prof Ben Loos and Dr Rensu Theart received ceremonial attire as a form of gratitude for their time and effort from the organising committee during the closing ceremony. Following the completion of the workshop, they (NRG group) further engaged the community with JSS Science and Technology University, inviting students and teachers from neighbouring schools to partake in the virtual reality showcase, where they were submerged in a world of cells and allowed to explore cellular organelles.​

Seeing is believing in Heidelberg

09-12 Oct 2019

Jurgen presented a poster at the biannual international microscopy conference at the European Molecular Biology Laboratories (EMBL) in Heidelberg, Germany. The conference, "Seeing is believing-imaging the molecular processes of life." focused on the latest advancements in microscopy, with keynote lectures by two Nobel prize laureates (Stefan Hell and W.E. Moerner).

Congratulations Jurgen for presenting a poster titled "Inducing lethal autophagy in brain cancer- novel insights gained through microscopy",  at the EMBL conference!

Research visit at RAL

28 June – 30 July 2019

Dr André du Toit and Jurgen Kriel (PhD student) had the great opportunity of traveling to the Rutherford-Appleton Laboratories in Oxford (UK) for a research visit, allowing them to build a custom light-sheet microscope. There they were able to gain some hands on experience with 3D dual single molecule localisation microscopy (SMLM)!

Jurgen (left) and André visiting Stonehendge


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